Urban R2 was founded by Gary Rosenberg, CEO and President of the company, who has extensive experience developing architecturally distinctive properties which offer superior quality, exceptional lifestyles, and great value relative to price. Urban R2 is focused on opportunistic acquisitions, value creation, and timely sales in order to facilitate company growth and substantial income.

Our criteria for embarking upon a development is well balanced between civic contributions and marketable investment returns. We create dynamic living environments that have a positive cultural impact, provide long term results, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the image of a community.

Urban R2 takes great pride in establishing meaningful relationships with independent contractors who are rewarded with the opportunity to participate in successful real estate projects they can be proud of. Our goal is to increase the quality of life by delivering significant developments that create great places to live.

We also understand the importance of fulfilling financial realizations for all of the stakeholders in our projects. Gary Rosenberg has a long track record of uninterrupted success with creating value, optimizing returns, and reducing risk. He has never failed to complete a real estate development project and provide its investors with a profitable return.